One of my first classes. Lovely Ladies breathing and flowing :)

The Dirt: a Look into the Studio of Yogatations

Originally posted on full circle images:
A new year, a new tradition!                 For the first Creative Spotlight ever, we’re talking with Erica Rose. Erica is a dear friend, amazing painter, and incredibly soulful person. She incorporates her experience with yoga and reiki into her artwork, and has…

Taking you Full Circle

The first Monday of the month is here….Are you ready for some feature?  Just say Yay! Ok… You got it…. December’s featured artist is photographer, owner of Full Circle Images , (and personal friend:) Natalia Robert. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina Natalia is now settled in sunny  San Diego, and I had the good fortune … Continue reading

One of my first classes. Lovely Ladies breathing and flowing :)

Yoga + Art Start

As some of you already know, I have started teaching an Art + Yoga morning class at a local Art studio here in North Park, San Diego, Expressive Arts on 32nd & Thorn. I have been getting a lot of questions about this class about how the two are combined, and how it works so … Continue reading

Sitting down with The Silver Fin of Hope

The time has arrived to introduce Yogatations very first Featured Artist! I know I have been waiting for this… I’m so  e x c i t e d  and I just can’t hide it any more! I am honored to present to you this week’s Person to Know: writer Chrissy Dano Johnson. I met Chrissy … Continue reading

Halloween Spirit

Halloween is in the air. This holiday has always been one of my favorites. What artist doesn’t love making costumes and playing dress up. Not just artists…what Human doesn’t love to play? This year I decided to change it up a bit. I will be baking some pumpkin bread and handing out treats to the … Continue reading

Reflections of a Buddhist Monk by Caine Das is a blog I visit frequently. Today’s post was well worth sharing, as most of them are.. amazing. Read “Om Mani Padme Hum” for a brief history and breakdown of the mantra, as well as the benefits and compassion chanting these sounds bring to the self and … Continue reading

Yogatation: Beginnings and the Lovely Mess they Bring

New beginnings are always exciting, nerve-racking and a little messy. Mistakes are sure to be made on the path to creating something with a solid foundation that radiates the dynamic you are trying to achieve. Authors write their stories and revise, edit and correct until the perfect combination of words is found. Painters perfect line, … Continue reading

Yogatation: Receiving Autumn

Attached below are some more pen&ink drawings I have been working on lately. Much more to follow! I also am starting a weekly yogatation to share with you. Yogatations may come in personal thoughts, borrowed quotes from amazing people, photos, music etc. This week, in honor of the shortening days of Fall I am sharing … Continue reading

Yogatation Series #3 : My Way to OM

The time has come, to finish the 3rd painting in my yogatation series. I have been working this one for a while, and finding my way through some rather interesting changes the past few months. But now with a studio space to work in, and ideas flowing like water from the Brita.. it is well … Continue reading

Tori Amos: ‘Night of the Hunters’

Two posts in one night!? Crazy, I know. But I was just sitting there on Facebook, minding my own (and other people’s) business and saw an NPR post: First Listen of Tori Amos’ new album ‘Night of Hunters’ due to be released September 20. Exciting! So I had to share. Because it is the WHOLE … Continue reading